How it Works


To Join follow the steps:-
  1. The customermust fill registration form and verify the email address.
  2. Login with the user ID and password.
  3. In login portal click “Edit Profile” then enter details Mobile number, address and 4 digits of card/virtual number* (*this is the number which will verify the purchase and the listed business can view this number to match their transactions)
  4. Do shopping at our listed businesses and keep invoices.
  5. Sign-in to and ‘Make Claim’ select business from list/enter details then upload invoice and follow prompt.
  6. After submission, listed business will aprove or decline the claim after check their own transactions data, when they approve the claim then points and amount will be credited into the customeruser portal.
  7. Spending amount and getting points may diffrent to each listed business, for example if customer spend $100 at business 'A' may get just 48 points but spending $100 at business 'B' may get 120 points or more, this calculation is may vary and depend on the listed business, offered points can be found in "make claim' menu.
  8. Amount can be withdrawn to PayPal account after mobile verification.

(Conditions Apply)


Why Us:-
  • This service never exists before.
  • Moneyback every day.
  • Save on every dollar uspent
  • We offer street to super market coverage.
  • Shop at almost every type of business and save lot of money at the end.
  • This was not possible before at small shops and businesses.
  • No need to go on same shop or business to claim your moneyback reward.
  • Exchange points into cashmoney.

 And lot more ….


Businesses :-

  1. Simply visit do 'Business signup'
  2. Our team will aproach you with multiple options.
  3. Highlight Business at website main page.
  4. Customers will visit and buy products then make claims according to membership.

Why Us

  • More customers
  • Regular customers
  • No next-door competitor around your business (t&c apply)
  • No Any franchise fee
  • No Win no fee policy
  • Promoted free of cost (T&C apply)

And many more….